Bank Loan

Any Indian Resident, Non-resident Indian or Person of Indian Origin can apply for a home loan with eligibility criteria as prescribed by Lending Institution.

Documents to be Submitted :
From the Builder :

The Builder provides to the Financial Institution/Bank a complete set of documents pertaining to the land to establish clear marketable title. Apart from this the Builder is expected to provide a copy of the agreements that are to be entered into with the purchaser of the property along with a copy of the plan approved by the appropriate authorities.

From the Purchaser :

NRIs (Non Resident Indians) are expected to provide the following documents:

A Registered Power of Attorney or Power of Attorney Executed at Indian High commission / Embassy and adjudicated in Tamilnadu, in favour of an Indian Resident who would be authorized to operate and deal with the Financial Institution / Bank including signing of cheques etc..

Copy of the passport clearly showing the VISA status.

Pay slip / Pay Certificate : for 6 months.

Proof that the salary is credited in bank for 6 months in Bank Statement
Provide Proof : if Graduate Engineer

Appointment Order / Service contract copy

Pls note : TN Government has prescribed that (i) the Agreement of sale - to sale of undivided share in land and (ii) the Agreement of Construction - for construction of Apartment building - need to be registered. The Stamp duty / Registration Fees are leviable as per Rules in force. Builder will help the Purchaser in updating these details.

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